characteristics of computer

Characteristics Of Computer, You will Amaze To Know

In this article, we are going to be talking about the most important characteristics of a computer. You all are very aware that computers nowadays have become a crucial part of our lives.

characteristics of computer

From working to learning to studying, for each of these tasks one requires a computer. We know very well that computers are not just for professional uses. People use computers in their leisure time for watching movies, surfing social media, and playing games.

Computers are not just part of our lives but they serve as a helping hand to every human being. So let us see the characteristics of a computer that have made it such a vital part of our day to day lives.

The main and important characteristics of a computer are as mentioned below.


Computers were invented to perform the calculations at much faster speed rate than humans.

Yes! Initially computers were invented just for the mere purpose of hefty calculations that were time consuming if done manually.

Computers perform mathematical calculations much faster than humans. A computer can perform millions of tasks in a fraction of second.

A simple calculation of 4 to 5 steps with complex numbers would take around 5 to 6 minutes of a human brain, but a computer can process the similar calculations in nanoseconds.

Speed is the most important and one of the famous characteristics of computer that has made it so much popular among people.

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When you perform any task manually, accuracy is one such aspect that is somewhat diluted. You need to be sure before you present your final output of the task.

But that is not the case with a computer. A computer is always accurate in its operations and never provides any wrong output of the simultaneous input entered by the user.

A human may get error in his calculations but you can totally rely on the answer of a computer as it gives 100% accuracy to the user.

The accuracy of a computer is constantly high and it can perform hundreds of operation and provide the speedy results with exact accurate answers.


Now consider yourself working for straight 12 hours! There is going to be a threshold point where you are going to break down and your mind and body will ask for rest.

Well that’s not the case with a computer. You can rely on computer anytime and every time for even a minute operation and it will never ask for rest.

Even after a constant working of hours and days, the computer will never lack in its efficacy.

A computer is never going to ask any day off and is free from monetary and tiredness.

This characteristic is the turning point of using computers instead of man power at many factories and ware houses.


A computer is the most reliable machine that has been ever invented by a man. In the present times almost all the big industries and e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra rely on computers for their business.

Every major industry in the world is dependent on computers and they have complete confidence on them for running their multi millionaire companies.

These big companies store their data on computers and they have important information like salary slips, leaves, finance, and accountancy of their company on these computers.

Night or day the computer is never tired of its job. This is the reason why the big e commerce websites rely on machines rather than man power.


This means that a computer is capable of working in many fields and it is a multifunctional device.

Today computers are used almost everywhere in the world and in all the known fields be it a school, office, government units, simulations, hospitals, railways, and more.

A computer is a very efficient multi tasked so that you can perform multiple operations simultaneously on a computer.


Computer systems are equipped with large capacities to store any type of data. A computer can store and transfer any information because of its large storage capacity.

You can save pictures, videos, files, presentations, spreadsheets and lot more on a computer. Even though they have large storage capacity, this doesn’t lag the performance of the device.

You can easily search for the stored data and the computer retrieves the information for you in fraction of seconds.

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The millennial generation is the one that has seen a transition from manual working to being dependent on machines and gadgets.

Computers are nowadays preferred over man power because they are more reliable, accurate and efficient.

The best part about these devices is that they are completely automatic. Once you start the computer for a specific task, it will complete the task automatically without any human assistance.

Quick Decision

The computer is very prompt in decision making. It takes the decision within nanoseconds for the instructions set by the user. It doesn’t matter whether it is arithmetic or logical data but a computer is quick decision maker.

An arithmetic data is something related to mathematics. Usually all the mathematical data is called as arithmetic data.

Data like copying a document, deleting a file or document, saving an image, etc. falls in the category of logical data.


Multitasking is also a very special feature of computers. A user can do different types of tasks on the computer at the same time.

Like we are using MS Word on the computer as well as listening to songs and also getting printouts. We can do a lot of work at the same time.

This is one of the reasons that people prefer completing their assignments and emails on computers as they are more convenient and one can always switch between tasks.

This characteristic is one of the most important factors for making computers such as popular devices among humans.

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A computer has a lot of memory storage as we have talked about earlier. But the best part here is that it remembers the location of a tiniest file on it and will pop it on-screen whenever asked.

This is the reason we say that computers have strong memory retention. It will show the file or document or any image that was stored back in the days.

 Even if you don’t remember the exact folder, you only need to search for it on the screen and the computer will bring that file for you.


A computer is just a piece of the device without the user. It’s the user that operates the computer. Without a user, the computer is a mere dumb machine.

Unless a user does not give any instruction, it cannot do any work, and only after completing the instruction, it completes that work very fast.

A computer system is completely dependent on humans for operating. It cannot perform any task on its own unless an instruction is provided for it.

For instance, if you wish to perform a multiplication of two digits, then writing 5 & 6 will not be enough. The computer will only display these digits as they are.

So for multiplying, you will have to write 5*6= and press ‘Enter’. This instruction will make the computer to perform the task of multiplication for you.

Thus, it is very clear that a user is the master of a computer. Only we humans can perform actions on computers for them to provide us the desired output.


These were all the important characteristics that could possibly be mentioned for a computer.

We hope that our readers were able to grasp the factual information from this article and it has helped in solving their queries too.

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