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Full-Form Of DC: You Need To Know About This.

In this write up we are going to be talking about the different full form of DC.

Now the full forms of DC can be any stream or category and hence we will not be digging deep into the origins of these abbreviated forms of the words.

Let’s just begin with our very first full form.

DC in Signal Processing

In signal processing, DC is an abbreviation used for Data Compression. It is the process of encoding information in lesser bits than the original representation.

Here the data that is to be transmitted is compressed to reduce the storage amount in bits.

If we explain it in layman’s language then we can say that the data storage space is reduced after applying DC to any file. DC can help in reducing the storage space for a file and also data transmission capacity.

Data Compression is also known as source coding or bit rate reduction.

In recent times the most common example of the data that can be compressed is digital images and videos. We all have seen or performed the compression to reduce the file size for some or the other purpose.

We use computers and laptops to perform compression and decompression processes.

In Data Compression there is two type of compression in general that is seen in most cases. The compressed data id either lossy or it is lossless.

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Lossy Compression

In lossy compression, some part of the data is deleted or lost while the process of compression is applied on the original file. It reduces bits by removing unnecessary or less important information.

Lossy data compression schemes are designed by researching on the people that how they perceive the data and question it.

Just taking an example here, a human eye is more sensitive to any variation in luminance (brightness effect) than to the colour variations of a picture or video. JPEG compression of images works in the similar way by eliminating nonessential parts and information of the picture.

Lossy image compression is widely used in Digital Cameras to increase the storage capacity. This compression is extensively used in video editing as well.

In audio, the lossy compression is used by a technique of psychoacoustics to eliminate non audible or less audible components of the audio signal.

Lossless Compression

In lossless data compression, the compression is done through identifying and eliminating any statistical redundancy.

When we encode a data before transmitting it, its size is effectively reduced and data also remains unchanged.

Say for example, there is an image that has area of colour that does not change for several pixels. So the encoding can be done for that much number of pixels.

Advantages of Data Compression

Let us share with you some basic advantages of using data compression on the files.

Quick File Transfer

The speed of the file transfer increases, as the bandwidth required to download the file reduces.

Storage Capacity

Data Compression allows you to store more files in the available storage as the original size gets reduced.

Lossless compression can reduce a file size to 50% of the original size.

Reduction in Cost

It allows you to reduce the cost of storing data after compression; you can store more number of files in the given storage.

Reduction in Latency

The smaller file images can be scanned faster to reach a specific file that reduces latency.

So, this was one of the full forms of the abbreviation of DC. Let us see, the next topic.

DC in Electricity

In the terms of electricity, DC means Direct Current. Direct Current can be defined as electric charges or electrons flowing in one direction i.e. flowing from a negative charge towards a positive charge through a conductor.

The conductor can be a metal wire, rod, solenoid, etc. The intensity of the current during this flow may vary but the direction remains same.

The source of production of such currents is DC generators, batteries, solar cells and power supplies.

dc full form

A DC graph looks like a flat line. There is no amplification in it. Direct current is used to charge batteries and can be used as power supplies for electronic devices.

It is mostly used in low voltage applications.

For your information, Direct Current was the first source of power to be transmitted commercially. But in the current times, it has been replaced by AC current.

If you want to convert the DC power supply to AC then an inverter is used. And to convert AC supply to DC, a rectifier is used.

Advantages of DC current

The equipment is more efficient when it is powered by a DC supply.

There is less possibility of short circuit and electric shocks to the user even when the voltage goes below 48 volts.

For long-distance transmission, DC supply can transmit more power with less electricity loss.

It helps in improving the efficiency and lowers the transmission cost as compared to AC supply.

DC transmission lines require less land and a narrow supporting structure as compared to AC transmission.


In domestic uses, most of the electronic circuits have a DC power supply.

Automotive systems mostly use DC of 12 volts but some also use 6 or 42 volts.

Higher DC voltages are converted to lower ones by DC to DC converter and are used by the telecommunication systems.

DC is extensively used for the bulk transmission of electric power from a high voltage direct current.

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DC in General

In general terms, DC is an abbreviated term for Deputy Collector. A Deputy Collector is an administrative officer of a subdivision of the state.

She/he is the in-charge of the revenue collection and administration of the division allotted. Since Deputy Collectors are also empowered by the executive magistrate job, they are also known as Sub Divisional Magistrates.

A DC is ahead of the district and bears all the responsibility of the peaceful administration and development of the district.


So these were the most common full forms of DC in India. We tried to cover all the necessary information regarding the topic.

We hope that this article has helped in solving most of the queries of our readers. We will come up soon with more such interesting full forms and definitions.

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