What Is The Full Form Of INDIA

What Is The Full Form Of INDIA?

INDIA is the name of a country in the South Asian region. It is not an acronym; therefore there is no full form of India. In terms of the land area-wise ranking of the countries, India stands at 7th place. It is the second-most populous country in the world with a population of almost 1.3 billion.

What Is The Full Form Of INDIA

The Southern part of India is also called as peninsular India as it is bounded by water from three sides. On the southeast side, it is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean lies in the southern end and the Arabian Sea covers the southwest part of the country.

India is a multi-lingual and multi-ethnic country. The people here follow different religions and share cultural values with one another. Although there is a number of religions being followed here India is a secular nation.

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The name India is derived from Indus which was the name of a river. World’s oldest civilization was on the banks of this river and it got its name as Indus Valley Civilization. Greeks used to refer to the country on the other side of the Indus River as ‘Indoi’ which later on got altered into ‘India’.

But there are some famous full forms for India that are mentioned below:






This full form is just given by the people and we don’t consider it correct because the country is named as India since the British era. Technically British people were the ones who used to call the name given by Greeks i.e. Indoi as India.

The next full form is quite interesting and we cannot assure you that to what extent it is correct.

I: Independent

N: National

D: Democratic

I: Intelligent

A: Area

This particular full form seems like a self-praising notation, given by Indians to themselves. We don’t know the sources but it seems as it is liked by the majority of Indians and has become a popular answer to the question that what is the full form of India? We hope this article was helpful and we were able to solve the queries you had regarding this topic.

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