http full form

Full Form Of HTTP

In this article, we are aiming to provide complete information about HTTP and all the other aspects related to it. You will also get a glimpse of how HTTP works and what is the need for it in the first place.

http full form

Let us first begin with the full form of HTTP and then we shall follow up with other topics as well.

Full Form

Here we are mentioning HTTP full form. HTTP is an abbreviated form of HyperText Transfer Protocol which is usually written as Hypertext Transfer Protocol and one can see it in the web address as ‘http’.

About HTTP

HTTP is an application protocol used for data communication. The data communication on the World Wide Web is served on the basis of HTTP. It offers the standard for web browsers that allow information exchange over Internet by the users.

In a simple language, HTTP works like a standard medium between the user and web browser for information exchange over the internet.

In the client-server model, it is a request response protocol. This means it is used to pull the information for the client over the specific server on Internet.

Hypertext means the text that contains a link in it. If any user clicks on the hypertext then they are automatically redirected to a specific web page.

How It works?

As we have already mentioned that HTTP is an application layer protocol, and it communicates through request response messages.

When you enter a URL in your web browser for accessing any particular page or website, the http fetches the information from the server and responses back with the requested web page.

Let’s suppose, you want to access WikiGranth on the Internet, you know that to access any web page you need to write ‘www’ before that.

The complete URL for WikiGranth will be, this is known as the address of the website.

Now as soon as you will press the enter button the protocol will redirect you to the desired web page and you will notice the URL as, this is known as a link of the website.

Always remember that whenever there is “http:” or “https:” before any address it becomes the link to a particular web page.  

What Is HTTPs?

HTTPs stand for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Unlike HTTP, HTTPs is a secure protocol that ensures no malicious codes and virus attacks on the device wherever the page is being accessed.

It works at a transfer layer. All the data over this protocol is encrypted and it requires an SSL certificate as well.

Talking about HTTP, it is fine to browse over that protocol. The concern is only when you enter any sensitive information like bank account details, credit card details for online payments.

All the data entered over HTTP protocol is visible as a clear text as it is not encrypted and therefore anyone can read it.

Thus, your sensitive information can be manipulated on http protocol but it is secure when the host website uses https protocol.

We tried to explain all the terms related to HTTP and its working. We hope that this article was helpful in solving your queries regarding the topic.

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