Moviesbaba: 2020 is the year that has taught us a lot from the perspective of life. The Pandemic that hit us was not less than a lesson of ‘Life is Unpredictable’. All of us had multiple plans for this year but instead, we all were bound to stay indoors and take care of ourselves and our loved ones.


We know that you would agree with this! This year has brought us more close to technology and we actually learned to use the latest technology in our businesses, jobs, learning, leisure, and more.

Talking about leisure we cannot skip the fact that this year was all about sitting at home and binge-watching web series and movies and documentaries and what not!

The OTT platforms have earned profit that cannot be even imagined. But what if one does not wish to spend a penny on these subscriptions! Well, well there is always a way for everyone.

Similarly, there are gazillions of websites on the internet that provide the latest movies and other entertainment sources absolutely at no cost! Yes, you heard it right. These websites publish the latest content for their users to access for FREE.

One such website that has gained a lot of popularity and is very famous among users is Moviesbaba. It is an online content streaming platform that allows the viewers to watch all the content be it movies, TV shows, web series, trailers, songs, etc. absolutely free of cost.

Not just movies and shows but you can get access to many international Award shows wherein all the celebrities of different decades come along and celebrate the existence of the entertainment industry.

Cinema and Television have been providing leisure since their foundation and with booming sources of entertainment, the industry has flourished to an extent that was not expected and never thought of like 3 decades ago.

Moviesbaba is one such source of entertainment on the internet that never fails to entertain its audience with the wonderful prime quality of leisure and it allows its users to access and stream the most effective of the chosen movies in almost all the required languages that make this site an ideal portal for entertainment.

More about Moviesbaba

Moviesbaba provides an exquisite range of entertainment with premium quality that no viewer can compromise in any circumstance. After all, you are going to watch that movie or show for the next 2 to 3 hours and it has to be of a premium quality that is worth spending your time on.

No matter what language you choose to watch your movies, well yes Moviesbaba has movies that are dubbed and categorized as per the languages too; the quality of the content will always be High Definition and crisp clarity that is worth binge-watching for hours.

The website not only provides the users an online watching content but it also offers to download and stream it anywhere and anytime without any monthly or yearly subscriptions. You will not have to pay a penny to download or stream the data later on whenever you wish to watch it.

Moviesbaba has a sorted library for each category of movies and web shows that one can get access to. You do not have to go through each and every upload on the site. You just need to select the category that is of interest from the list. The list contains categories like horror, thriller, and suspense, romantic, Comedy, drama, social, reality, documentary, and more.

On top of it, you get to choose the language of the content as well. It can be in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Spanish, French, etc. So this only predicts that the website is user friendly and very easy to access.

Moviesbaba has the latest releases that are streamed in premium HD quality. It is one such website that reaches its users predominantly. In the digital world, the place of all the issues in online marketing and tough competitors that provides the same leisure to the users.

But one of the winning points of the websites is that Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. all may be discovered right here on a single web portal. The site provides all the content of these web portals in high-quality video and audio.

Moviesbaba is present in the market of digital entertainment for a lot of years and it has gained user reliability from all these years. Apart from the precept site hyperlink, Moviesbaba keeps its users entertained with proxy URLs as well.


If we talk about some of the highlighting features of this website, then the makers of the site have customized it for their different types of users and tried their best to make it easy to navigate and search all the required content conveniently.


It doesn’t matter what device you are using to navigate Moviesbaba, the website runs very smoothly on all devices be it a laptop, desktop, or Smartphone. The site is optimized to be able to work on all possible devices.

The site has one more dominant feature that it does not show too many links that almost confuse the users that which is the correct link to download the desired content. You will only see desired links that are easy to navigate on the website with respect to your search on the site.

Moviesbaba understands that users can face problems if there are too many interconnected links and also it just wastes the time of a user on the site. Thus downloading process is pretty simple on the site.

In short, we have listed a few of the features of Moviesbaba that are worth your attention.

a) The user interface is very easy with clear navigation of the site that could be understood by anyone.

b) The design of the website is quite responsive, therefore it can be run on any platform be it Smartphone or a laptop, or a desktop.

c) The user can conveniently watch online or download the movies on their device to watch them later in time.

d) There is an app available on the site on the Google Play store that could be used by the users if they wish to navigate it from Smartphone.

e) The video data on the site is compressed therefore anything you download from the site will not consume much space on your device.

f) The same goes for battery consumption also. The website consumes very less battery whenever you are downloading any content from the site.

g) The website is very efficient and the download links do not break in between the downloading process like many other sites on the internet.

h) The latest version of the website may have some bugs that are not to worry about as the site will not crash while streaming or downloading a movie.

So these were some of the best features of the site that are worth reading once you have decided to use an online streaming site to access the latest movies and web series.

Alternatives to Moviesbaba

Now let us see some of the alternate websites to Moviesbaba in case you want to surf them.

Once you will start surfing online movies on the internet you will get a lot of options for different websites. But not all the sites are worth your time, as some of them may be just for the advertisements with fraud links to download.

So to avoid all that inconvenience, we have sorted a few more names of the websites that you can surf on the internet to get access to the latest movies and web series.

These sites provide all the latest content with a high-quality resolution that makes the watching experience even more worth it. The only drawback to such sites is that they are not authentic.

This means they run on the internet without a legit license and they upload pirated content as well. This can be the cause of a punishable crime. So we would suggest not surfing such unauthorized websites.

JioRockerz  Tamilyogi  
Worldfree4u  9xmovies  
Filmywap  123movies  
MP4moviez  Bollyshare  
Downloadhub  TamilGun
Kuttymovies  Movie Counter
Tamilrockers  Bolly4u
DjPunjab  Filmyzilla

Apart from these websites which are an illegal source of entertainment, don’t worry about the fact we will be discussing later in this article itself that why these websites are illegal in the country. There are some genuine and authentic sources as well that are available for users to get the latest source of entertainment. Some of them are them are mentioned below:

Netflix  Amazon Prime Video
Hotstar  MX Player
Sony LivZee 5 Premium  
Voot  Sony Crunch
Popcorn Flix  Fox Star
GoMovies  HDO

Movies categories on Moviesbaba

Moviesbaba has various genres in every movie and web series that a user can surf and select as per his/her preferences. If the user is a huge fan of Hindi cinema and dubbed movies then this site is ideal for him.

You can also get a large library of Hollywood dubbed movies and shows. There is a vast collection of sci-fi movies, horror, thrillers, and more and more than one language.

The latest cinema from Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and all other South Indian categories is also available in original as well as dubbed version.

Hollywood Dub

There are many viewers and internet surfers who are a huge fan of Hollywood movies. Moviesbaba has a vast collection of the entire classic as well as the latest Hollywood movies. You can watch these movies in their original language as well as in the dubbed languages.

Some of the latest uploads on the websites are Avengers, Harley Quinn, Joker, and a lot more.


If you are a binge-watcher then you will agree that there will be at least one Bollywood that you totally love watching again and again no matter how old it is. This is the magic of Bollywood pictures. And hence, there is an abundance of collection on Moviesbaba from the old classic movies to latest 2020 releases that you can watch it on the site if you have missed watching any of those.

South Indian Dub

South Indian Cinema has more impact on the audience because of its action-packed cinema and twists that are mind-blowing. There are number of movies available on the site in many languages from the south itself and they are also dubbed in Hindi language so that viewers from rest of India can enjoy the South Cinema as well.

Picture Resolution

Moviesbaba is a site that provides a very fine user experience in terms of picture quality. The site provides excellent audio quality as well as a video that is as close to the theatre experience.

One can view the movie or web series in different resolutions as mentioned below:

420p, 720p, 1080p, HDRip, BluRay, DVDRip.

Is Moviesbaba safe?

Moviesbaba is a well-appreciated piracy website among millions of users over the internet. You get tons of movies and entertainment sources on this site that are not authentic to the owner of the site.

By now you already know what kind of movies and in which all languages you can surf on this platform.

This portal for online movies publishes all the latest releases on the day itself or 1 or 2 days later when a new movie releases officially.

Moviesbaba is a website that is run and controlled by tech experts who are very good at concealing their identities on the internet. These websites have access to the local techies who are located all over India.

They hire such people who have shot the new release in the less secure movie theatres and upload them on these websites. This is how you get access to the latest movies but the video quality is sometimes compromised.

These people can publish the latest movies on the release date itself on their dedicated host servers. And that’s how you get access to the latest movies on the release date itself.

Now you might think that how these website owners earn money and make a profit despite providing free movies on their portal.

Let us explain to you how they make money in millions from piracy. Whenever you visit such pirated sites, you will see on the home screen and abundance of advertisements being sliding and popped here and there.

You might have never cared to watch them but that is how these websites hosts earn money by displaying a number of advertisements whenever you stream movies online on the site or try to download them.

Is it Legal?

We have already mentioned above that Moviesbaba is an illegal website that publishes copyrighted content without the proper permission of the original creators. This is the reason Moviesbaba keeps on changing its URL so that it can protect the website from being blocked by the Government.

The owner of the website is still safe from any criminal charges but again we would advise you that surfing content on such websites is like walking on a sword!

The government of India has also fixed the punishment for the ones found guilty of this offense. You will be sentenced to jail for a period of six months to 3 years or will have to pay the compensation fine of INR 50,000 to 2, 00,000.

Why is it a punishable crime in India?

Now you might have a question that what is the big deal if you get to watch a movie illegally without spending a penny on it.

Well, we have a justified reply to that as well. The movie production and make take a lot of money to be spent. The producer of a movie spends an ample amount of money on the making of a movie.

Downloadming for Free Bollywood MP3 Songs – Is it Legal?

Then the director, actors, writers, cinematographers, light man, spot boys, and the list have no end to it, all these people work hard on a movie and after it is made, the rights of the picture are sold to movie theatres all across the country and overseas.

Now the movie makers also sell the releasing rights to several OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

On the contrary, now imagine a movie being leaked on such illegal websites and people surfing it to watch that latest release for free, this costs a huge amount of loss to the film industry and lots of profits are compromised as very few care to pay the subscription of legal sources and then watch these latest releases.

And also publishing something without the proper consent of the owner of that clip or movie or song or show is infringing the intellectual property rights of the creator.

So, using copyrighted content without proper permission and making profits out of it is a punishable crime, and not only people who are uploading the content on such websites but the people who are watching content on such website and downloading it are equally suspected as committing a crime.

Instead of surfing such websites, you can purchase subscriptions to OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and more that are just going to cost you few hundreds of rupees.

There are many platforms like MX player, TVF, YouTube, and more that we have mentioned above in the article that has so much content totally free of cost and all are legal sources of entertainment, unlike Moviesbaba.

 Latest domains of Moviesbaba

As you already know that this site is a piracy site, therefore any content on this channel is subject to offense and can be blocked by the government as soon as they track it.

Therefore these sites get blocked frequently by the cyber cells and so the publishers keep on changing the domain names of the site. You can find the content on one of the domains mentioned below.

But be careful while using such sites as you know piracy is a punishable offense in India.
MoviesBaba.systemMoviesBaba.arg This URL is helpful for all the clients and it provides the fastest entry to the homepage of the site.

Moviesbaba.web Exclusive movies and TV premieres can be obtained here and that too in premium quality and audio. It provides clear navigation of the site and is very easy to use. Many latest and old movies can be navigated right here on this domain.

Moviesbaba is an online streaming site that has access to all the latest entertainment content and whatever may be the content, you will see uploads here on the site as soon as the movies get released officially.

Hence, it is very clear that even though the site is an illegal website in the country still it is considered the biggest movies downloading websites online on the internet.

How to download movies from Moviesbaba?

Downloading a movie or TV show or any web series is pretty simple on Moviesbaba. Plus if you download the content you will have the leverage to watch anytime and anywhere and however, you wish.

Just follow the steps below and you can download the movies of your choice from the site.

1)  Type ‘MoviesBaba’ in the search bar of Google.

2) The latest working hyperlink of the website will appear on top of the list.

3) Click on the link and open it.

4) You will notice a search bar on the homepage of MoviesBaba, type the name of the movie you wish to download.

5) You can also search for the latest movies from different categories and genres as listed on the site.

6) Once you have selected the movie, next you need to select the resolution in which you wish to download the movie.

7) You will see the Download Tab on the screen or it will show a linked text that depicts “Click here to download”. Just click on the text.

8) Your download process will begin in a fraction of seconds.

9) You can save the file in whichever folder you wish.

10) Your download of the movie is complete.


The content in this article was solely for the purpose of sharing information. We do not promote piracy in any way possible. This article by any means does not promote pirated content.

Piracy is a punishable crime and infringing anyone’s copyrights without prior permission is not at all acceptable and is deeply criticized by us.

We would highly recommend our readers to not surf any such sites that have pirated content as it can lead to unwanted troubles.

Also, there are many entertainment sources that are legal and authorized to provide the latest shows and movies to the viewers. One should always surf the authentic sites and platforms.

This article was to engage the audience and spread the desired awareness about piracy and its consequences among our readers.

We hope this article was helpful and it was able to solve your queries regarding online movies surfing websites on the internet.

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