What Is Full Form Of "OK"?

What Is Full Form Of “OK”? History, Synonyms

This article is providing information about day to day used word ‘OK’. We have discussed here its full form, emergence, meaning, and more about this word.

OK, which is also spelled as O.K. or Okay is used to express the feeling of acceptance, approval, and agreement between two entities. It is an abbreviation for Olla Kalla or Oll Korrect.

Olla Kalla is a Greek word used to express that all is correct. Ok is the most widely used word in normal conversations between people. The latest trend of online chatting and texting uses this word to a great extent.

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Allen Walker Read in the 1960s was the one who traced the term OK and shared it in American Speech. The term is dated back to 19th century times when the editors at Boston Newspaper in 1838 were attracted towards using abbreviations for common words using in day to day language.

Moreover, the editors shortened the term ‘All Correct’ to OK as if it was spelled as ‘Oll Korrect’. Soon the other cities like New York, Philadelphia, and New Orleans newspapers also started using the term quite rapidly.

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According to Allen Walker Read, there is some factual data the term OK is an abbreviation derived from President Martin Van Buren’s nickname which was “Old Kinderhook”. But this is not the case. For a fact, in 1840 a club was named “OK Club” by Van Buren’s supporters. They were probably trying to trade the recognition of the term ‘OK’ in those times.

The term “OK” was seen all over in pamphlets, newspapers, journals during Van Buren’s campaign. And as a result, the proposition was made that he was not only OLD Kinderhook but also recognized as OK.

And in this way, OK went from Boston newspapers into the daily conversations of people all around the world.


Synonyms for OK are:

All right

Right then







Very well



This is an example of the conversation where the term is being used.

Person1: How are you?

Person2: I’m Okay. How are you?

Person1: I’m good. How is work?

Person2: It is going fine. I’m in a hurry and will catch up with you later. Will that be okay?

Person1: Ok. Bye

***end of conversation***

We hope this article was helpful and we were able to solve the queries. This was an informative topic and a lot of people don’t bother much about gaining such information. We will come soon with more interesting full forms.

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