Full Form Of PDF

This write is completely dedicated to the most commonly asked question – “What is the full form of PDF?”

We will be answering all your questions regarding this topic and we will also see what the use of this file format is? And the reasons that has made it so much dominant in the digital world.

Let us start by knowing the full form of PDF.

Full Form

The full of the term PDF is Portable Document Format. This file format stores texts and images that can be opened in any operating system (OS), which makes it easy to share and use among different users.


Defining the term in a polished language, A PDF file is not dependent of any application software, hardware and OS which make it machine independent and can be viewed on any device.

Elaborating about the topic a bit more, it was created in the year 1990 by Adobe Systems. It was created with a vision to envisage a sustainable and paperless office work.

A PDF file can capture all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image. Every PDF file can retain all the details like text, formatting, fonts of the original document.

Reasons for its Popularity

It started as a side project by the Adobe systems and now PDF has become an industry standard all over the world within past few decades.

There are millions of files that are uploaded and stored in this format on the daily basis.

There are several reasons contributing to its extreme popularity among users for digital file transfers. We have discussed some of them below.


The PDF file in its true sense is a portable document because one can open this file anywhere on any device regardless of the operating system.

Even without the PDF reader such as Adobe Reader one can open the file document on any browser and view the content.

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You don’t have to pay for any software to view the PDF file format. The PDF files also provide mobility to the users as they are compatible with all the mobile devices which make on the go work projects pretty simple and hassle free.


PDF documents have proved to be having great accessibility as they are very light in size, take minimal storage space and thus provide the ideal file transfer format to the users.

MS Office formats such as word, PPT and excel files can also be saved as PDF file formats in the original formatting within fraction of seconds.

Just about 10 years ago, the PDF format was standardized as an open format and no organization or individuals were to pay any royalty to the makers of the PDF.

You may have not noticed it yet but just put a little strain on your memory and recall how many times you have heard someone asking for the document in “PDF format”!

The accessibility of the format is one such feature that has worked in favour of the popularity of PDF.

Easy Modification

By default, one cannot edit the contents of a PDF file. The text in the PDF file is like an image that cannot be edited but you can copy the text. But still there are gazillion tools and apps available on Internet to help you with this.

One such software available on the internet is ‘SmallPDF’. This software is very easy to use and is beginner-friendly as well.

The software offers many tools such as compressing a PDF file, create electronic signatures, converting MS docs into PDFs, saving web pages as PDF file formats and what not.


PDF file formats are considered one of the safest means for transferring files. These files have a secured approach and can be shared over internet through the E-mail services.


PDF files are more interactive than just Doc files and one can make so many modifications in the documents as per their liking that makes the file more enhanced and readable to the viewer.

Free to use

PDF files are one such Format that is free of cost on the Internet. Not just internet but you can use the PDF format to send the files and receive them without having to pay for using the PDF.

So, overall PDF is the most convenient format for exchanging of documents on the go. You don’t have to worry about the device compatibility, browser, or anything of this sort in order to use PDF.

We believe, PDF document is the ideal choice of millions of users who interact professionally and casually on the day to day basis.

The PDF format is loved by many because of the fact that the format will not compromise on the quality of the content in the document even if the file is compressed than actual size.

In the end, we would hope that this article has helped you understand the topic in more clear and apt manner and that all your queries regarding PDF have been cleared.

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