Thoptv is an application that allows the user to access all the latest movies, web series, live sports, etc. absolutely for free. It is an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service that provides access to live streaming channels through its Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is basically an online streaming application that gives the user free access to all the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Jio TV, Sony Liv, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. Now talking about these platforms, one can access them via Thoptv on their smartphones but binge-watching those thrillers, comedies, or romantic movies on your phone is not the best experience. And on top of it if you plan to have a movie night with your friends or closed ones then a phone screen is not going to accompany you for that memorable experience. So, the best option to go for is downloading Thoptv for PC.

You can watch all the movies and series and your favorite sports in full HD quality by installing Thoptv on your PC or laptop. Here we have mentioned a few features of Thoptv that are quite eye-catching for movie buffs.

1. You can access live cricket matches and your favorite sports in just one click.

2. All the premium content is available to you at no cost. You don’t pay a penny for streaming content from these platforms.

3. Complete access to millions of movies and shows that too for a lifetime.

4. You get more than 3000 live streaming channels on it.

You must be already aware of the fact that this application is not available officially. So there are certain steps that are to be followed here in downloading Thoptv on your PC or laptop. Okay, we know that now your curiosity has been inflated to an unmatchable point. We come straight to the point and we have mentioned the steps below for both Windows and Mac Operating System. You can check that below.


First of all, you need to use Bluestacks Emulator to download Thoptv application because you will not find it directly on your browser.

Installing Bluestack emulator

Bluestack Emulator downloading process is as follows:

1. Firstly, download the zip file by clicking on the download option as prompted on your screen.

2. When the downloading process is complete you have to extract it to a folder or wherever you choose to on your PC.

3. You need to choose the apk option for installing the Bluestack emulator.

4. Now, a message will be prompted on the screen to choose the apk file. Here you need to select the file that you extracted before and click on the open button.

5. It will take a few minutes to complete the process and then you will be able to run bluestack on your PC.

Installing Thoptv on PC:

1. In the Bluestack emulator, you will have to sign up and log in with your email id.

2. Now the in-built search procedure of the app store will be started on your dashboard.

3. Now, search for Thoptv in the search bar of the app store and download it.

4. It will be downloaded in the apk format which is compatible to run on the bluestack emulator.

5. Voila! You are all set to stream your favorite content and that too absolutely free.

Just for your information, you can use any android emulators for this complete process. There is no hard and fast rule to use the Bluestack emulator only. But in our opinion, this particular emulator runs smoothly without any hassle on the computer, and on top of it is a tried and tested one that gives desired results.


All the Mac users can follow the steps below to run Thoptv on your PC.

1. The very first step is to download an Android emulator on your Mac PC.

2. You can follow the steps as described for bluestack emulator or you can also go for the NOX emulator.

3. Following the emulator installation process, you need to start the emulator on Mac to check the compatibility with your PC.

4. After the emulator runs successfully on your PC, use its in-built search bar and look for Thoptv app.

5. Download the app and that’s it! You are good to go with Thoptv and explore your favorite content on it.

There are many options available in the emulators that can be downloaded either on the windows operating system or Mac operating system. You can choose the one that runs smoothly ThopTv on your PC. Emulators such as Memu, Kopleyr, Nox are great options to go for.

We think that a user should have complete knowledge about any application that he/she is trying to access. And in the matter of such kind of apps, you should always be extra careful. Therefore there are certain fallbacks of using Thoptv on your PC that you should be aware of:


1. It may get shut down any time by the Government because of copyright violations.

2. The application runs a lot of ads that can be a bit irritating for the users.

3. Even though you may use the best-reviewed android emulator for downloading Thoptv, still the app crashes in between while running.

4. Along with crashing issues, it also has many bugs that need to be fixed.

5. It is not a secure platform as it contains Trojan and other malicious codes.

6. It frequently asks for unnecessary permissions between the apps.



The very first aspect that comes to your mind is about the legality of the application. No, Thoptv is not a legal application. This is the reason that this application is not available on Google Play Store and iOS platforms. Thus you will get its apk files on the internet. Here we would suggest being aware of the malicious and unethical hackers. While you are busy enjoying your favorite shows there might be a high possibility that someone has the access to all of your data on PC. Secondly, Thoptv is streaming all the content of different channels and online platforms unethically that can be blocked at any time because of the copyright claim issues.


We don’t want to disappoint you but there are major security concerns while using Thoptv on your PC. This free IPTV comes with a lot of privacy and safety issues that you might have to compromise if you are eager to use free access to all the famous online broadcasting platforms. Again, the choice is yours but always try to make a smart one!

Thoptv application when being installed on your smartphone asks for unnecessary permissions like access to contacts, messages, gallery, camera, etc. that makes this app even more suspicious as the other genuine streaming websites or apps don’t indulge much in unnecessary accesses to your devices. This is one of the reasons that Thoptv is not available on Android OS and iOS. Loopholes like these make it suspicious to be used on daily basis and almost every hour.

Considering the fact that Thoptv charges zero rupees from its viewers unlike other streaming websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Voot, etc. which have hefty monthly and yearly subscription packages, the users get attracted towards Thoptv much easily. But to your consideration there is a price that you are actually paying unknowingly and that is compromising on your privacy and safety of the volatile data.

Well, there is always a rescue plan. In this case, whenever the app tries to access or ask for unnecessary permissions instead of vaguely granted them and then regretting later what you can do is uninstall Thoptv and re install it again whenever needed. This way you can save your important data from being prone to any viruses or hackings.


Another depressing point regarding Thoptv app is that when you open the app you will not find any privacy policy from the manufacturers or any disclaimer page or anything that mentions terms and conditions of its use. All these facts clearly point out that the makers want to conceal their propaganda and are not concerned about user end i.e. they don’t care much about their users and their data safety. There is no transparency or whatsoever by the makers or anything like that mentioned in the Thoptv app. So again its viewers will go for such websites and apps that have zero transparency policies.

A user can check whether there is any malicious code or virus in the app by uploading the Thoptv apk file on the “Virus Total” website. Now what it does is that it automatically scans the uploaded file and shows the result of any unwanted codes being there in the file or not. The most common detected virus on Thoptv is the Trojan horse which is a dangerous code to be detected as it can manipulate your personal information very easily. Moreover, it can also delete your data from the device and can affect other connected devices as well.

This Also

On the other hand, if you think that you can manually disable all the permissions then you may be disappointed to know that it is not possible with Thoptv app. Because the major factor here is that you will not be able to access any content from the app without granting the accessibility permission to the application. Another important point here is that you may need a virtual private network to access the content on this app. And to your surprise, there are many VPNs that have blocked the gateway of Thoptv because of malicious codes being found in it that can easily hamper a user’s personal information.

Another very irritating aspect of using Thoptv is its continuous flashing of advertisements that cannot be stopped by the viewers. You cannot block ads on this app because it is based on the Advertisement Model. This is the reason that online streaming platforms charge their viewers because they provide a seamless, non interrupting viewing experience for hours. Again, if you are using something for free then it will come with its own set of drawbacks.


So in the end, if you would like to know our point of view on Thoptv then here it is. Firstly, it is a great alternative to stream all the latest movies, songs, shows, web series, and live sports absolutely free. You are not spending a single penny to watch your favorite stuff in the convenience of being at your home and chilling with your loved ones. Then there is an epitome of content that you can surf. There are thousands of movies with classic and latest ones, channels like Sony, Colors, Star network are right there a click away. You get your complete family’s entertainment in a single app that is beyond expectations.

But we cannot deny the fact that a viewer will have to compromise on security aspects as we already discussed. Your private information becomes prone to being hacked. As you know there is nothing for free in this world. You have to pay a price for everything. Similarly, if you wish to stream all the paid content of different online streaming platforms for free then you will have to compromise on your virtual safety and privacy.

Lastly, the choice always lies in the hands of the viewers. The legitimate sites become sometimes very costly to buy subscriptions to. Yes, it is very drooling to access this app and watch all your favorite binge-watching worthy content for free but don’t forget the dangerous loopholes it has. So think wisely and choose accordingly. We have also mentioned a few tricks to keep a check on Thoptv app whether it is safe at that moment or not. You can definitely try out those methods and protect your private information along with accessing the stuff on the app.

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